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Artellia Warren

Artellia Warren
Artellia is an astute strategic sourcing leader with 12 years of diverse industry experience across direct and indirect procurement categories within Fortune 500 companies. Her experience spans multiple industry verticals: consumer products, food & beverage, transportation & logistics, industrial manufacturing, pulp & paper; and distribution. With experience across the entire source-to-pay spectrum, she has developed deep expertise in upstream procurement activities having sourced/optimized/contracted over $5B in corporate spend. She has a proven ability to develop and deploy transformational category and sourcing strategies that have enabled innovative total cost management solutions, while delivering robust risk mitigation strategies to drive win-win results for both stakeholders and suppliers.
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Strategic Sourcing Checklist for the New Year

Posted by Artellia Warren on Nov 27, 2018 9:07:17 AM

December is almost here…the critical planning season.  Organizations are budget planning and goal setting for 2019. 

Typically, this is when leadership starts to challenge Procurement for savings targets, value forecasts and projects for inclusion in budget and resource planning.

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Topics: strategic sourcing, procurement consulting

Chasing the Cheese in the Ever-Changing World of Procurement

Posted by Artellia Warren on May 7, 2018 12:40:44 PM

Finding long-term success in the ever-changing world of Procurement can be a difficult task and often a moving target: markets, suppliers and internal business needs constantly shift, quickly making the winning methods of the past obsolete for maintaining future success. Many organizations have matured beyond traditional procurement measures that produced big wins via low-hanging fruit opportunities, however many still lag behind wondering, “who moved the cheese...again?” Today’s continuously evolving marketplaces demand a fresh perspective, sharp eyes, and the ability to adapt to change. Just as Spencer Johnson’s infamous book teaches us to “move with the cheese,” for Procurement leaders this same philosophy remains true: Adapt. We’ve compiled the top questions every CPO should be asking as they navigate the procurement maze to get and keep the cheese (also known as best total value) for their organizations.

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Topics: procurement consulting, strategic sourcing

May The Force Be With You...force majeure in challenging global markets

Posted by Artellia Warren on May 31, 2017 10:19:49 AM

For Star Wars fans everywhere, although force majeure is French for a “superior or great force,” we are not referring to the famed energy field that gives the Jedi their power and binds the galaxy together. In the world of business and contracts, force majeure is actually defined as an extreme event beyond the control of an obligated party that prevents performance under a contract.

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