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Carrie Longsdorf

Carrie Longsdorf
Carrie Longsdorf has over 12 years of strategic program leadership experience in initiative and system deployment. Carrie focuses on organizational change management on end to end procurement services and programs for Nitor Partners. Carrie provides consulting and industry experience in organizational development, program management, communication strategy and execution, business process transformation, stakeholder management, and training development.
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Passport to Change

Posted by Carrie Longsdorf on Dec 11, 2018 10:16:59 AM

  Co-authored by Bianca Di Lucente of Nitor.

Pack your bags! We’re traveling abroad! A global change initiative is a monumental and transformative undertaking for organizations with cross border trajectories. There may be layovers, several modes of transportation, or even a change in carrier before we arrive at our final destination. Upon arrival, we need to determine where to spend our time to get the best return on investment, which souvenirs to pick up, and which to leave behind to successfully clear customs.

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Topics: change managment, procurement change management, supply chain management

Buckle Up! Survive The Twists & Turns of Change Management

Posted by Carrie Longsdorf on Oct 19, 2017 12:00:19 PM

BUCKLE UP! Change rarely goes as planned, but with proper planning and strategies in place, it can be a far smoother ride.

How many times have we approached Change Management white knuckled with fear of the twists and turns that lie ahead? Think about the last time you were in a theme park - Did you ride the biggest roller coaster in the park? If you did, at what point did you wonder about the safety belt?  Change Management is much like that safety belt.

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Topics: change managment, procurement change management, procurement consulting

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