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Jenna Sandusky

Jenna Sandusky
Jenna has over 9 years of experience in procurement. In that time, she has held a number of roles allowing her to gain extensive knowledge in customer enablement, account management, customer engagement, and consulting. She has worked with several industry leading software solutions and managed global deployments for Fortune 500 companies. She has worked through full supplier life cycles and ensured that they capitalized on their procurement software purchase.
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Increasing Supplier Adoption of Your S2P Solution

Posted by Jenna Sandusky on Oct 9, 2019 5:30:42 PM

Congratulations! Your company has made the decision to streamline and simplify the way they do business by investing in a source-to-pay (S2P) software solution.

Now, how do you get your suppliers to adopt the idea of transacting electronically? This S2P implementation impacts more than just your company; if your suppliers are not onboard with this change, it could create a strain on your relationships and negatively impact the bottom line.

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