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Sean Sollitto

Sean Sollitto
Sean Sollitto has over 20 years of industry and consulting experience dedicated to Procurement and Supply Chain technology. Sean’s career began in the startups of Silicon Valley, and progressed through many major global firms. He has been involved with Ariba since the beginning, and helped pioneer the first hosted solutions for ASP customers.
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Nitor Granted SAP Recognized Expertise in Cloud Procurement Solutions in North America

Posted by Sean Sollitto on Jun 4, 2019 9:02:43 AM

Nitor named a best-fit provider for SAP Cloud Procurement Solutions

June 4, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Nitor, a leading business process transformation services firm, has been granted SAP Recognized Expertise in cloud procurement solutions in North America. Nitor achieved this designation based on their skills and competencies, as well as their proven record of client success and satisfaction.

"For over 15 years Nitor and SAP have partnered to create value through technology and process transformation," said Sean Sollitto, SAP lead with Nitor.  “We are proud to be recognized by SAP for maintaining high levels of satisfaction, solution quality, and service delivery.”

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Dreams Do Come True Webinar

Posted by Sean Sollitto on Apr 19, 2018 10:30:37 AM

On March 20th Nitor hosted a webinar specifically for mid-market procurement professionals, Accelerated & Affordable Procurement Technology Solutions for the Mid-Market.

(If you were unable to attend the live event, don’t worry, see the recording below.)

The session, featuring Sean Sollitto, Principal with Nitor,  highlighted how Procurement technology solutions have evolved to provide right-sized solutions for all organizations to automate and streamline source-to-pay processes.

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Five Questions Mid-Market Procurement Organizations Should Be Asking

Posted by Sean Sollitto on Feb 6, 2018 5:44:56 PM

All companies in the middle-market space are not created equal. Some are fast growth companies that quickly progress through the mid-market. Others are preparing for mergers or acquisitions, while still other companies are comfortable in the mid-market and intend to stay there.

All of these companies vary in many ways, but one challenge they all likely face is implementing procurement solutions and processes to save money and fund future growth. 

Within the past year procurement solutions have evolved to meet the needs of the mid-market. This core set of questions will help you determine if your organization is ready for a mid-market procurement solution.

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Oil & Gas: How 2016 Events will Impact Procurement in 2017

Posted by Sean Sollitto on Dec 13, 2016 11:17:29 AM

Throughout 2016 there were many significant events that shaped the current state of the Oil & Gas industry.  As the price of oil continued to plunge, world events hinted at a very slow recovery in the sector. Projects were put on hold, headcounts slashed, but production seemed to continue unabated. Some of the events that have had or will have a major impact in this space are:

 - "Brexit" shook up the EU, continued financial chaos in Italy and Greece, and a general fear of the unknown led to declines in European markets. These events drained demand for oil, putting increased downward pressure on crude prices.

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OPEC Has Lost The Shale War

Posted by Sean Sollitto on Dec 5, 2016 9:23:58 AM

It's tempting to see the recent announcement that OPEC will cut production as having a positive impact on the price of oil.  Taken out of the context of reality, OPEC's historical influence is huge - just the mere announcement of a production cut would send prices up.  

But the reality is that OPEC has lost its war against shale producers, and is trying one last time to exert control over the market.  Yes, we will see a (very) short term upward tick in the price per barrel, but any price move will not be sustainable. American oil giants are flush with cash, and eager to jump back into the game at the right price. Let's further assume that all of the OPEC member states adhere to the production cuts, except of course those that have already negotiated exemption clauses (Iran, Libya, Nigeria). Let's further assume that Russia agrees to halt production increases.  As the price moves up towards $55-$60, U.S. shale producers will be incentivized to restart production.  All of those capped wells will come online, in less time than it takes to sign another deal.  Any price gains from the production cuts overseas will be swallowed up by the increased supply from domestic shale production. OPEC is facing a losing battle, and their only way out is to invest in more production capacity.  

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